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Would you like to be published?

Perhaps you have a dream of being published? Amazing Books can help you start this dream. We can help you publish on Amazon along with our collection. Right, now we are starting phase 1 of our company and we are looking for as many short children stories as possible with illustrations to complete this phase. Later on, we will expand out collection to graphic novels (50 pages text, 50 pages illustrations) and finally regular novels (100 pages). If, you are interested you will need to submit your story in a 16 page format. This means that you will have 8 pages of writing and 8 illustrations for each of those pages of writing. Unfortunately, our artist is busy with in house projects right now so you will have to furnish your own illustrations. Illustrating a book can be very expensive, but there are ways to cut down costs.

We recommend finding an artist at: https://www.fiverr.com. The best thing to do is to post a request and multiple artists will answer you. Narrow them down to who you like. It is often helpful to ask for some artwork to be done to test their ability to illustrate your books. Whoever, you choose try to get someone who will work with you long term. You will be very happy having someone who can continue to work with you on projects. Once you have a story with 8 pages of text, and 8 illustrations feel free to submit it. If we select your story we will edit it for you, and our graphic designer will put it format so it can be published on Amazon. You, of course will get profits for every book sold on amazon. We just take 20% of profits for our work and the other 80% is all yours. You, will also of course, have the satisfaction of helping children with reading problems. All submissions should be sent to dyslexicsmart@gmail.com

"Our Mission is to produce modern publishing to help all children read."

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